Church Community Builder & Protect My Ministry

Protect My Ministry integrates with Church Community Builder using Church Community Builder's open API. There are two integrations:

  • Legacy- Church Community Builder users log into Ministry Mobilizer and import an applicant and then send the consent form, order the background check and order child safety training. Protect My Ministry returns a link to the completed report to the applicant profile in Church Community Builder. Protect My Ministry also updates a date field with the date of the report and an alert if necessary. 
  • Current- Protect My Ministry syncs the Church Community Builder user's entire active applicant database and returns a unique link for each applicant to their profile. The CCB user accesses the link (Proceed), logs into an iframe page of Ministry Mobilizer that opens in a new tab and sends the consent form, orders the background check and views reports all in one place. Protect My Ministry will update the date field with the date of the report, returns an alert when necessary and can update a link to the Child Safety Training certificate as well. 

Packages and Services 

Church Community Builder users can order any service or package available from Protect My Ministry including custom packages designed just for that organization.


Merged Applicants

Church Community Builder (CCB) users often merge duplicate profiles in their ChMS but those duplicate profiles still exist on the Protect My Ministry side. Please enter a support ticket with customer service if you need an applicant profile updated to match the correct person in CCB. We will need the name of the applicant and their date of birth and CCB ID in order to update our database. It is important when merging profiles, to keep the background check report with the profile being kept. If unsure of the PMM ID you should retain with your CCB ID, submit a support ticket or log in to Ministry Mobilizer to view the CCB ID we have associated with our PMM Applicant ID that can be viewed in the URL.


Auto Order

Protect My Ministry can set up your account so that every time the applicant completes the online consent form, the background check is ordered automatically to save time. If this idea interests you, please contact our customer service team.

Child Safety Training

Child Safety Training is available to bundle 1 and higher customers. The training can be ordered with the background check report. If you need to order it separately, you can log into our Ministry Mobilizer and place the order for training by itself as long as the applicant has been synced/imported from CCB and the results will still update in the applicant profile in CCB.


Protect My Ministry can set a rescreen interval for your applicants and track when they are do for a background check. The rescreen interval is set in Ministry Mobilizer and tracked in the Due for Rescreen. Background checks can be ordered in bulk there and the results will still update in Church Community Builder.





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