Can a background check be completed without an SSN?

As far as the SSN being a must to conduct a criminal search, it isn’t, but it does “weaken” the overall search capabilities of the databases. Criminal records are searched by name and DOB only, however when our BASIC(called Nat Combo now) or PLUS searches are requested. The system will pull the address history first, showing all names used, and add the newfound alias name combinations into the search parameters before sending it over the National Criminal and National Sex Offender databases.
So for example, if we received a Jane Doe request under one of the above packages with a social provided. The system will pull that address history(this is based on your bill-paying history) first, and find that Jane Doe has gone by Jane Miller and Jane Williams. Then the system will search Jane Doe, Miller, and Williams in National Criminal and Sex Offender databases, thus providing a more thorough search at no additional fees. If you are still comfortable running the search without the social, we can attempt to do so. You can have the applicant add the number 1 nine times as a placeholder for the social. 

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