How do I send the Child Safety Training to my Volunteers? 

The Child Safety Training is only available for Bundles 1 and higher

There are a few ways to send out the Child Safety Training; before ordering a background check, while ordering a background check, or after ordering a background check

 Send the Training Out to New Applicants:

You are able to send out the Training link to your applicants before ordering a background check

  • Click on the Training tab in the left-hand menu
  • Click on New Order


  • In the New Applicant Detail page, you will only need to enter in the applicant's first name, last name, date of birth, and email address
  • Click on the Submit button on the bottom
    • The Send Online Consent form Link to Applicant is only for sending out the Online Consent Form. This feature is only available for Bundle 2 and higher
  • You will be able to choose which version of the Training to send out
  • Click on the Order and Email Invite for Training


Note: If you have the Bundle 2 or higher subscription, this will create a new entry inside your Pipeline


Send out the Training while ordering the background check:

While ordering your background check, you will have the option of sending out the Child Safety Training at the same time. 

  • Choose the type of Training to send out to your applicant after choosing the background check 



  • Once you click on the "Submit For Background Check" button on the Summary page, the Training will automatically be sent out

Sending the Training out to existing applicants:

If you've already ordered a background check on your applicant, or if you have the applicant in your Pipeline, you can still send out the training 

  • Click on the small gray box to the left side of the applicant's name, which will turn the row blue
  • Click on "Order and Email Invite for Training" under the Actions menu
    • Even though this says "Order and..." this is only for the Training, not for the background check

  • Choose the type of Training to send out to the applicant
  • Click on the "Order and Email Invite for Training" button



For a video tutorial please follow this link

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