How can I resend my applicants the consent form link in Ministry Mobilizer?

If your applicant has not received the Online Form in their email, accidentally deleted the email, or you just need to resend the link to have an updated consent, you can resend the link through your account without needing to reenter their name and making a new entry. 

  • Click on the small gray box to the left side of the applicant's name, which will highlight the row in blue

  • Click on "Open" under the Actions menu, which will pop up to the left side of your screen


  • You will be taken to the Applicant Detail & Background Check Request page, where the applicant's information will be stored

  • You will notice on the bottom of the page that the "Send Online Consent form Link to Applicant" is grayed out. You will need to click on the applicant's email address to trigger the button

  • You will get an "Applicant has been saved" message on the top of the page once the button has been clicked. This will send a new email to your applicant!
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