What does the Red X mean in Ministry Mobilizer?

If you are using out Ministry Mobilizer platform, you might be familiar with the Authorization or the "Auth" column. The red "X" that sometimes can appear in this column means some or all of an applicant's information has been entered into the system, but there is not a consent form on file for this applicant. This could mean that you are currently waiting for the applicant to fill out the online consent form, or the applicant's information has been entered into the system, but no background check was ordered for them. Once the applicant has completed the online consent form, you will receive a notification that the form has been completed and the red x next to their name will turn into a green check. After this, you can click the empty checkbox next to their name and click "order background check"

 If you have a paper consent form for them you may order their background check. To do so, you will click the small box to the left of their name and then click "Order Background Check" in the actions menu. You can then proceed with the ordering process.

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