Issues with Child Safety training

Here are some tips that can help your applicants/volunteers troubleshoot any issues encountered with the Child Safety Training video and quiz. If your applicants are still experiencing issues it could be their internet connection. Feel free to forward the below troubleshooting tips. Please let us know if you have any questions.

-Training works best when accessed using the browser, Google Chrome 

-The link is either not being copied exactly the way it is in the email, or not being clicked from the email. If it is not clicked and entered in the browser exactly as shown in the invitation email, it will not function properly

-It is recommended to use a desktop or laptop (mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. are sometimes the source of issues)

-The training invitation should be less than 30 days old (if it is older than 30 days old, the training will be expired and will show as invalid)

-You may notice an option in the middle of the page that says, ‘Click to use Flash’ and then the pop-up to select ‘Use Once’ or every time if they prefer.

-Check to be sure Pop Up blockers are turned off

-If the lesson will not allow you to proceed to the next page you will need to close the window completely, Then click the link in the email again.  It will start at the beginning.  Keep clicking the next lesson at the top right and then click the “pick up where you left off” button and it will take you to the next lesson.  Keep clicking until you get to the lesson where you left off.

- Internet connection is a common problem when accessing training while on WiFi

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