Is there an age limit to be able to order a background check?

We are able to run background checks on minors! However, minors' records are sealed unless they have been tried as an adult. 

You may want to contact your insurance provider to see if a background check on a minor is something they recommend. 

If you are continuing with the background check, you will want to download and send out the "Under 18 Consent Form with Parental Consent" on the account's Home Page (the first page that you get when you first log in that says "Package Recommendation Updates" on the top). This form will be located near the bottom of the Home Page, under the Forms and Documents section. 

If your account is a bundle 2 subscription or higher, there is not a way to have the parent to sign the Online Consent Form. You will need to download the paper Parental Consent Form. 

For the ordering process on a minor, please refer to our "How to Order a Background Check on a Minor" FAQ article

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