Billing References

Billing References are primarily used to group up your applicants on the next invoice under a label. For example, if you have multiple departments or buildings that are ordering background checks through the account, and you need to track how much that department or building has spent, using Billing References will help you see how much they have ordered and how much they will owe. 

Set up Billing References:

  • Click on the Settings tab in the left-hand screen
  • Click on "Billing Refs" under the Settings tab


  • Click on the blue "New" link all the way to the right side of the page
  • You are able to enter anything to label your Billing Reference. There is a 150 character maximum
  • Click on the "Save" button


You are able to create an unlimited amount of Billing References! 

 Assigning Applicants to a Billing Reference:

When you order a background check on an applicant, above the background check packages, there will be a dropdown menu for your Billing References. 


**You will only be able to assign applicants to a Billing Reference while ordering a background check. Once assigned and the order has been submitted, you cannot change the Billing Reference**


Alternative use for Billing References:

You are able to organize your background checks through the Billing References

  • Inside your Background Checks tab, there is a column for "References", which are the Billing References that you've already assigned to your applicants. You are able to organize your applicants inside the account with the Billing References. 

  • You are able to export your reports by Billing Reference
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