Opportunities Link

There are two ways to send out the link: Individually or through the Opportunities link

 If you have multiple applicants that you need to send out the Online Consent Form link to, instead of sending them out individually, you can take the general link inside your account and either send out a mass email to your applicants, or embed the link into your website! 


The Opportunites Link is located in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, where the blue man icon is. Click on this blue man icon and choose the "Opportunites Link" 


The next page it takes you to will be the general link that you can copy and paste into a mass email to your applicants or put on your website. 


*Note: Each time you send out the Opportunites Link, this will cause another entry in your Pipeline. If you need to resend the link to your applicant, make sure that you resend the link through the applicant profile and not sending them the Opportunites Link again*

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