Planning Center with Protect My Ministry

This article will go over how to set up the Planning Center integration after you've signed up, how to order, and where to view the results

You would have gotten an email from our Sign Up team with a Planning Center user guide and a Username to log into Ministry Mobilizer

Set Up


  • The first page is our Announcement Page. Scroll down to the bottom to click on the "Continue" button or the "Ok" button
  • Click on Create New under the Pipeline tab or the New Order under the Background Checks tabCreate_New_or_New_Order.PNG
  • The Planning Center log in page will appear to enter in the Planning Center username and password
    • This is what will allow you to import applicants from the Planning Center database into Protect My Ministry to order background checks


  • You will need to enter in your credentials through Protect My Ministry every 90 days
    • If you clear your cookies and cache, the next time you try to order a background check, you will be prompted to sign into Planning Center

Order Background Check

The background checks will be initiated from inside of Protect My Ministry. The applicant that the background check will be ordered on will need to be imported first

Import Applicant

  • Click on Create New under the Pipeline tab or New Order under Background Checks
    • Choose Create New to send out the Online Consent Form or to save the applicant into your Pipeline
    • Choose New Order if you have the applicant's information to start ordering
  • You will need to look up the applicant to import from Planning Center into Ministry Mobilizer


  • To the right side, under the Import column, you will see either "Import" or "Order Background Check"
    • Import - You have not yet imported this applicant from Planning Center
    • Order Background Check - You have already imported this applicant, and can go straight to order a background check


  • When you first import an applicant, you will be given these 4 options
    • Background Check - Go straight to the Background Check page to enter in applicant's information
    • Child Safety Training - Save applicant to the Pipeline and only send out the Child Safety Training Link to the applicant
    • Send Consent Form - Save the applicant to the Pipeline and send out the Online Consent Form to get more information and get their consent
    • Save to Pipeline - Only save applicant to the Pipeline


Order After Sending Link to Applicant

If you send out the Online Consent Form, the applicants will receive an email with a link to the Online Form to enter in their own information and give consent. An email notification will be sent out when the Online Form is completed. The applicant will have a green checkmark under the "Auth" column in the Pipeline.

Note: The background checks will not automatically be ordered after the applicant completes the Online Form

  • Once the Online Consent Form has been completed, click on the small checkbox to the left side of the applicant's name in the Pipeline


  • Click on "Order Background Check" under the Actions menu


View Results

There are two ways to view the background checks inside of Planning Center, through the Note tab inside the applicant's profile, or through the People Dashboard


  • Log into Planning Center
  • Pull up the applicant's profile inside of Planning Center
  • Click on the Notes section
  • These notes can also be filtered to show just Training or just Background Check results using the “Filter” dropdown in Planning Center


People Dashboard

  • People Dashboard, click on Select Profile Notes Tab
  • Filter by Background Checks Note Category
  • Select Date Range
  • You will be allowed to price/export this list using the Planning Center CSV export, or print buttons



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