Set Up Pushpay/Church Community Builder with Protect My Ministry

This article will go over how to set up the Pushpay/CCB Integration with Protect My Ministry

*Note: you must be a CCB Admin to be able to set up the integration inside of Pushpay/CCB

Sign Up Email

  • Once you've signed up for a Protect My Ministry account to be integrated with Pushpay, you will get email notifications from our Sign Up Team with instructions, user credentials, and a user guide.
    • If you're not sure if you're integrated, or would like to be integrated, please contact our support team at support@protectmyministry or 800-319-5581.
  • There will be two sets of credentials in the emails. One to connect the integration between PMM and CCB, and the other to log into Ministry Mobilizer (our system).

New API User

  • Inside of Pushpay, go into System Settings which is the last menu on your left. 
  • Select API
  • Click on 'Add a new API User' button 

  • Under API User Information you will need to enter in the following information:
    • Name - Protect My Ministry
    • Username–will be provided after signup
    • Password–will be provided after signup
  • Under Primary Organization Contact Information
    • Organization Name - Protect My Ministry
    • Contact Name - Customer Service
    • Contact Phone - (800) 319-5581
    • Contact Email -

  • Click on the Services tab and check all of the following:
    • add_individual_to_queue
    • custom_field_labels
    • execute_search
    • individual_profiles
    • individual_profile_from_id
    • individual_search
    • update_custom_field_labels
    • update_individual

Reply back to Support with More Information

  • Once you have all of the information and services done, reply back to our Sign Up Team that you have completed the steps and provide the total number of PushPay Members in your database, even if you do not plan on ordering background checks for all of them.
  • Note: When you add a new person to your Pushpay Database, it can take 24 hours for that person to be synced with Protect My Ministry and the link to update in their profile. 


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