What is the Pipeline?


Pipeline is available to Bundle 2 and higher

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The Pipeline feature in Ministry Mobilizer allows the organization to manage applicants and perform certain actions in bulk. 

When you first create an applicant profile, it is saved in the Pipeline. The applicant profile in the Pipeline displays the most recent background check and/or child safety training.

You can select one or multiple applicants in the Pipeline and send the online form, order background checks and training as well as assign applicants to stages or update their status.

Pipeline Search & Filter

To locate a specific applicant or view all applicants in a Department (feature available in Bundle 4), you can search and filter. This is the view of a new account with no applicants in the Pipeline.

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Last Name - Search an applicant in your Pipeline by their last name
Department - Available to Bundle 4 subscriptions. Filter applicants by Department

Pipeline Columns 

The Pipeline has multiple columns and the view can be customized per user using the "Columns" button on the right. Deselect any columns not needed for your view.

Note: The custom view is set by a cookie so clearing cookies on your computer may require you to set your 'view' again.

MM Pipeline Columns.png

Screenshot 2023-09-30 at 5.28.03 AM.png

  • Checkbox - You are able to choose an applicant individually by clicking on a box next to an applicant's name, or you can select multiple
  • First Name- Applicant's first name
  • Last Name- Applicant's last name
  • Email - Applicant's email address
  • Date Added - This will show you the date that this applicant was first added into the system.
    • Note: This is not the background check ordered date
    • When the applicant completes the Online Form, the Applicant Added date will be updated to the form completion date
  • Department - The Department that this applicant is assigned to
    • Only available for Bundle 4 subscriptions
  • Position - The Position that this applicant is assigned to
    • Only available for Bundle 4 subscriptions
  • Stage - The Stage that this applicant is in
    • Only available for Bundle 3 subscriptions
  • Status - Track if this applicant is still with your organization or not
    • If the status is "Inactive" under this column, a user in your account manually marked this applicant as not active.
    • You are still able to run background checks on applicants that are not active. This will only affect the applicant going into the Due for Rescreen section.
  • Training - The Training status for this applicant
        • Training will be Complete, Pending, Expired or Cancelled or blank if no training was ordered.
  • Authorization- this column is used to track the status of the consent form.
          • 'None on File' means that the Online Form has not yet been completed 
            • If you entered in the applicant's information manually, 'None on File' will stay under the Authorization column until the background check has been ordered and the user certifies that they have the consent form.
          • 'Completed' in the Authorization column means that the Online Form has been completed or a user certified they had the consent form at the time they submitted the order.
  • Report -This will be the most recent report that was ordered on this applicant
    • If 'View' is displayed in the Report column, the background check is complete and ready to View. If 'Viewed' is the status, the completed report has been viewed.
    • If Pending shows in the Report column, the background check is pending.
    • If you need to view any other background checks that were ran on your applicant, and not the most recent one, you will want to go into your Background Checks menu.

Pipeline Stages 

Screenshot 2023-09-25 at 5.27.47 PM.png

+ Order - Takes you to the Applicant Detail Page to add a new applicant's information, to send out the Online Consent Form, Order a Background Check or Order Child Safety Training. You can also save an applicant to your pipeline and take action at a later date.

Unassigned - Applicants that have completed the online form but have not yet been assigned a Stage (Only available for Bundle 3 and higher)

New - Applicants that have been entered into the Pipeline, but have not yet completed an online form. Once the applicant completes the online form, they will update as Unassigned. 

Stages - Only available for Bundle 3 and higher. Stages are extra folders to help organize your applicants. You are able to rename the Stages.

Archive - There is no way to delete an applicant completely, but you can move them to the Archive. There are different ways to use the Archive stage. It is up to you to decide what works best for your organization. Applicants moved to the Archive cannot be moved out of the Archive unless you are Bundle 3 or 4.

Pipeline Actions

MM Pipeline Actions.png

You can select one applicant or multiple and perform the following actions:

Note: Actions will be limited by bundle type.

  • Order Background Check (if you are ordering for multiple applicants, you will need to place the same order for all applicants selected)
  • Email Training Invite (if you are ordering training for multiple applicants, you will need to order the same version of training for all applicants selected)
  • Send Consent Form
  • Archive
  • Change Stage (you will be prompted to select the stage - bundle 3 and higher)
  • Change Status (you will be prompted to select Active or Inactive)
  • Change Position (you can reassign the applicant(s) to a new position (bundle 4)
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