Sending Out the Online Consent Form Link

When you have the Bundle 2 or higher subscription, you have the option to send out the Online Consent Form link to an applicant to collect information and the consent without needing paper forms.

  1. How to Send Out the Online Consent Form Links
  2. Resend Consent Link
  3. Order Background Check

How to Send Out the Online Consent Form Links

There are two ways to send out the Online Consent Form link to applicants, Individually or through the Opportunities Link. 

Whenever the Online Form has been completed, the "Applicant Added" date in the Pipeline will update to the completed date.

Individual Link

The "Individual" links are generated to only be available for one applicant profile. No one else should have access to the same link that is sent out to the applicant through these steps

  • Click on + Order in the Pipeline menu top right corner in the left hand menu to send the online form to a new applicant not already in your account.

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  • There will be 4 options:
    • Background Check - Go straight to the ordering screen. Enter in the applicant's information manually
    • Child Safety Training - Only send out the Child Safety Training to the applicant
    • Send Consent Form - Send the Online Consent Form link to the applicant to get consent and have them enter in their own information
    • Save to Pipeline - Save the applicant profile to the Pipeline only

  • To send out the Online Form, choose the "Send Consent Form" option

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  • When you choose to send out the Online Consent Form link to the applicant, the first name, last name, and email address are required. 
    • If you are a Bundle 4 subscription, an option to choose a Position to assign to the applicant will be available
  • Click on the Next button when you have the required information


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  • An email with the link will be sent to the applicant, and the applicant profile is saved inside of the Pipeline. The Authorization column status will be None on File.
    • The Auth column will show you who has completed the Online Form (Completed) and who hasn't (None on File). 
      • Note: If a user in your organization has placed a manual order for an applicant and certified that they have obtained consent (paper, for example), the authorization will still show Completed.
      • Once the applicant is done with the Online Form, you will get an email notification and the Auth column will update to Completed.

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  • Note: Once the applicant is done with the Online Consent Form, the background check will not be ordered automatically

Opportunities Link

If you have multiple applicants that you need to send out the Online Consent Form link to, instead of sending them out individually, you can take the Registration link inside your account and either send out a mass email to your applicants, or embed the link into your website! (Do not use this link if your account is integrated with a ChMS).

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  • The Registration Link is located in the upper right-hand corner of your page. Click on your user icon and then select the My Org Menu. From there, select Registration Link.
  • You can copy and paste the link into a mass email to your applicants or put on your website.  
  • The applicant will only be saved in the Pipeline when the Online Consent Form has been completed by the applicant.

*Note: Each time you send out the Registration Link, this will cause another entry in your Pipeline. If you need to resend the link to your applicant, make sure that you resend the link through the applicant profile and not sending them the Registration Link again*

Resending the Online Consent Form

If your applicants cannot locate the email, or accidentally deleted it, you can resend the Online Consent Form without making a duplicate entry in your Pipeline

  • Click on the small gray box to the left side of the applicant's name 
    Screenshot 2023-09-21 at 11.15.08 AM.png

  • Click the "Send Consent Form" option above the list of applicants.

You are able to select multiple applicants to resend the Consent Form to as well. 

Order Background Check

Once the applicant has completed the Online Consent Form, you and any users on the account with the notifications turned on will get an email notification. Inside the Pipeline, you'll notice that the Authorization status will say Completed. 

When the authorization status is completed, but there is no Pending or View status under the Report column, a background check will still need to be ran. 

  • Click on the small checkbox to the left of the applicant's name in the pipeline

Screenshot 2023-09-21 at 11.15.08 AM.png

  • Click "Order Background Check" from the options above the list of applicants.
    • You can select multiple applicants to order background checks on
      • *Note* If you select multiple applicants, you will only be able to choose one service to order for all applicants. You won't be able to adjust any for a specific applicant.
      • *Note* If there is a minor listed in the multiple selection, it will not allow you to continue with the background check process. You will need to order the minor's background check separately.
  • You will be taken to the Order Background Check page to choose the package or services to order

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