Pushpay User Guide (formerly known as Church Community Builder)

The Pushpay user guide is attached.



Regarding applicant merging in Pushpay: When applicants, that have already been imported into Protect My Ministry, are merged, there is no alert sent to Protect My Ministry so the applicants are not merged in Protect My Ministry. Please be careful when merging any applicants who may have completed a consent for a background check or had a background check ordered. 

Applicant Merging Suggestion:
Please confirm Ministry Mobilizer and Pushpay IDs before merging applicants and be sure to keep the Ministry Mobilizer profile with the most current background check report and consent form when merging. Please contact us before merging with any questions.

To confirm the Pushpay ID Protect My Ministry has stored in their database: 
Click the PMM Report link in their profile, log in and go to Order Background
Check menu. The Pushpay ID (formerly CCBID) will be displayed beneath the Position drop down. You can also click the "View Report" menu option to view dates of completed reports and "View Documents" menu to view the most recent application and consent to be sure you are keeping the correct profile from the PMM side. 

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