Imports - Bulk Upload of Applicants


The import feature is available to all accounts. Use the Import tool to upload a spreadsheet of applicants to your account. This feature is useful to organizations who manage applicants in a separate system and need to perform a bulk action for multiple applicants.

Import Options

  • You can import the file of applicants and once customer service processes the import, you can send the online form in bulk (bundle 2 and higher), order child safety training in bulk (bundle 1 and higher), or order background checks in bulk.
  • You can import a file and indicate on the file that you want the background check reports ordered at the time of import. 

Create Import File

Step 1: Go to the Imports menu and download the import template.



Step 2: Complete the template.

  • The applicants' first name, last name, date of birth, SSN, email address, state, and the type of background check are required fields but adding middle name and complete address, when possible, is preferred.
  • If ordering the background check with the import, be sure to enter the type of background check you would like to order for all applicants. If you need the Plus package, please specify the State or the County and State desired. It must be the same for all applicants on the same spreadsheet. 
  • Billing references are optional, and you can use different billing references within the same spreadsheet.
  • If you need different packages for different applicants, please create a separate spreadsheet for each group of applicants and the package needed.

Note: There is a 30-applicant minimum for imports. 

Step 3: Click + Bulk Import button

You must complete the FCRA Client Certification.

Screenshot 2023-09-30 at 6.31.38 AM.png


Step 4: Drag and Drop or Import File

Import Drag and Drop File.png


Step 5: Import Success 

Once the file is imported successfully, notification is sent to our customer service team to process your import. Applicants will not appear in your account until this process is complete. Please allow 24-72 business hours.

Import Success Notice.png


Step 6: File Import View

View of Import File.png

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