Bundle Subscriptions

You do not need to have a subscription with us in order to order the background checks. You are able to have your account at a "Bundle 0" subscription, which will allow you to only order the background checks, and to be billed per order. The Bundle Subscriptions are to add features onto your account, depending on what your organization needs.

Bundle 0 - Basic subscription. No Annual Fee

Bundle 1 - $149/Year or $14.99/Month

  • Child Safety Training - A video training about Child Safety and Child Abuse Awareness with a 25 question quiz at the end
  • Rescreen Notifications - A section inside of the account to help track when a new background check on an applicant needs to be ordered

Bundle 2 - $299/Year or $29/Month

  • Online Consent Form - A link to an Online Form that's sent out to the applicant in an email to collect required information and consent online
  • Pipeline - A list in the account that hosts applicant profiles instead of individual background check entries

Bundle 3 - $599/Year or $59/Month

  • Custom Questions - Questions added to the Online Form so the applicant can answer while giving consent and providing their information.
  • Stages - Folders to organize applicants into

Bundle 4 - $999/Year or $99/Month

  • Departments and Positions - Organize applicants by "Department" labels. Set up users on the account to only be able to view background checks in a certain department. Send specific forms with different questions to an applicant in a Department/Position.
  • Multiple Forms - Create multiple Online Forms to send out to the applicants

To see what bundle you're currently on

  • Go into the blue man icon (My Account) in the upper right hand corner of your account
  • Click on the Bundle link

If you would like to upgrade or downgrade your Bundle subscription, please contact our support team at support@protectmyministry.com or call 800-319-5581 and choose the prompt for Support

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