Username/Password not working

If the username and password that were entered in were incorrect, an error message will appear


Common reasons why the username/password is not working

  • The password is case sensitive. Make sure that you are capitalizing or using lowercase letters when needed
  • Your account might be an integration, which means that you use Protect My Ministry through a Church Management System
    • Some integrations allow access to log into the Protect My Ministry site, but most integrations will not have any credentials to be able to log in
    • Contact our support team to see if your account is able to log into the Protect My Ministry site
  • It's possible that your account may be deactivated for nonpayment
    • Please contact our billing team at to confirm if the account is deactivated and to resend the invoices that are outstanding

Resetting the password

If there are still issues with logging into the account, try to reset the password


  • The correct username and the email address associated with the username must be entered in
    • If the incorrect username and/or incorrect email address are entered in, an error message will appear to contact our support team


  • When the username and email address are correct and in our system, the email address associated with the username will receive an email with a link to rest the password on file
    • Note -The link to reset the password will only be active for 24 hours 

Note - If you are able to successfully rest the password, and it's still not allowing you to log in, it may be that the account has been deactivated for nonpayment. Please contact our Support Team or Billing Team to confirm

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