Custom Stock Questions

Available to Bundle 4 

Custom Stock Questions

Custom stock questions are questions you create for your organization that can be added in bulk to forms or can be selected from a drop down menu when adding 'Custom Questions' to individual forms. This eliminates having to create and add the same question to more than one form.


Create Custom Stock Questions

Step 1: Click Settings 

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Step 2: Select Stock Questions & Click + New Question

Stock Questoins.png


Step 3: Create Question & Select Question Type

Question (1) - You are able to type out your question here. There is a 2500 character limit

Type (2) -  Select the type of question you are asking. Descriptions below.


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Question Type Descriptions:

    • Yes/No- The applicant will be able to select "Yes" or "No" to answer the question. 

    • Dropdown- The applicant will be able to choose the answer from a dropdown menu. You will be able to enter the different dropdown choices in the "Options" field.

    • Short Answer- The applicant will be able to type out their answer in a small box. Max character limit is 255

    • Long Answer - The applicant will be able to type out their answer is a bigger box. Max character limit is 2048 

    • Instruction Only - This will display text only. The applicant will not be expected to provide an answer. 

    • Multi-Selection - The applicant will be able to choose more than one answer. You will be able to enter the different choices in the "Options" field.

  • Options- If you chose to have your question type as Dropdown or Multi-Selection, you will need to enter in your choices in this box, with commas and a space in between them. 
    • Note: If you chose the question type as Dropdown, the first choice that you enter in will always be unselectable You must enter in a "Select One" or "Choose One" before your choices, followed by a comma and space. 
    • Example: Select One, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow

  •  Place Before- When you have more questions, you are able to organize them in a certain order by placing the current question you're on in front of another question.

  •  Required - By checking this box, you will make this question required to answer. The applicant cannot move on to the next page unless the question has been answered.

  •  Hidden - There is no way to delete questions. If you no longer need a question on your Form, you are able to check this box to remove the custom question from the form.


Using Custom Stock Questions

Turn on all Custom Stock Questions on your Form

  • Click Settings 
  • Select Forms 
  • Click the pencil icon to the right of the Form name that you are adding Custom Stock Questions to.
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page
  • Enable the "Custom Stock Questions" option

This will enable all unhidden Custom Stock Questions on your form.

Add Individual Custom Stock Question

If you do not want all Custom Stock Questions on your Form, you can add one Custom Stock Question at a time

  • Click Settings 
  • Select Forms 
  • Click the "View Custom Questions" link 

forms revised.png

  • Click the + New Question button
  • If you have Custom Stock Questions created, you will be able to select them from a drop down menu. Screenshot 2023-09-25 at 7.40.38 PM.png
  • When you choose the Stock Question, the question will appear in the Question box
    • The type of question will already be selected and any multi-selection or dropdown choices will populate.
    • You are able to edit the question, if needed.
  • You can also create new custom questions as well by creating the question and then selecting the type. If this is a drop down or multi-select question, you will be required to supply the applicant choices for the dropdown. 


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